How do I buy a print from this website?

There are two ways of making a purchase. You will need three pieces of information whichever method you use.

1. The order code for the items you wish to purchase. (This is the three part code that appears before the title when you hover your mouse over a gallery image or click on it. For example, NWP_34_15 is an order code that identifies a unique file.)

2. The exact title of the item. This follows the order code when you click on an image in a gallery. Please be careful about this, as many of my photographs have similar titles! (That is why both the unique order code and title are necessary.)

3. The price for the item you wish to purchase as stated on the price list which is accessed via the ‘sales’ menu button – price list.

Once you have these three pieces of info, proceed to use either of the following methods of payment.

Payment method 1: using PayPal – fill in FORM A below

Once you have the order code, title and price, the easiest way to buy is to fill in the form below, then, when you click on submit, you will be taken directly to PayPal to finish the transaction. PayPal will accept payments by credit card, whether or not you are a PayPal account holder.
Until the PayPal transaction has been completed you may cancel the process and will be returned to my home page

Payment Method 2 : to pay by direct bank transfer or cheque or to request discount – fill in FORM B below

Please use this contact form to say which items you are interested in. When I reply to your contact, I will request you email me your address for delivery and I will send you details about the cost and how to pay, either by direct bank transfer or by cheque. If you are listing more than one item, I will offer you a discount in my reply.

Will you offer me a discount for buying more than one item (or more than one copy of the same item)?

Yes, but to get a discount of 10% (or more for really big orders) you must use method 2.


FORM A (paying by PayPal)

PayPal is a secure way of making a transaction online that protects both buyer and vendor.

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use PayPal – though accounts are easily set up and are free.

When you are directed to PayPal after clicking on ‘submit’, you will be invited to set up an account, BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARY to complete your transaction. Just proceed with the transaction and you will then be given an option to pay by credit card.

PayPal will accept payment by credit card.

The order code is the three part number you see when you place your mouse over an item in a gallery or click on that item (for example, NWP_34_15 ). The title appears after the order code prefix.
Enter total cost in Great British Pounds - prices for items are shown on the price list in the drop down 'sales' menu button. All prices are for unframed prints posted by Royal Mail (first class, in strong postal tubes). Prices include free world wide delivery.

FORM B (contacting me to pay by cheque or direct bank transfer or to inquire about discounts available for multiple item purchases)

If you are considering buying more that one print I will confirm the total cost after discount and give you details for making payment by direct bank transfer or by cheque.